About Us

The most professional supplier in geotechnical engineering and construction industries in Asia.

About Us

Metis is the most professional supplier in the geotechnical engineering and construction industries. Metis has several advanced SDA bolt production lines and accessories processing equipment, professional research and development group, and entire set of SDA bolt testing machine. We are making efforts to provide perfect anchoring system and services for our customers. Also we offer the safe, timely, cost-effective and innovative solutions for many ground engineering and construction projects.

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Our Advantage


Wide Range of Products

Our main products are Self Drilling Anchor Bolt, Anti-corrosion Rock Bolt, IMT Bolt, Rock Drill, Anchor Net, Injection Pump, etc.


Powerful equipment and Strong Teams

As a professional researching and manufacturing enterprise, Metis has formed a technological research & development team and accumulated valuable research experience,We have hundreds of professional processing equipment and more than ten independent production lines,which has good quality and high efficiency.


Quality Control

We have built a strict quality control system which has been applied in the whole manufacturing process. Every batch of products will be tested strictly in our factory laboratory to guarantee all of products delivered to customers are qualified and reliable.

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