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Bangalore Metro

Tunnel Construction of Bangalore Metro

In the second half of 2016, the last earth pressure balance shield “Krishna” advanced 750m in complex stratum of Bangalore Metro and the tunnel was run through, which marked Phase 1 of Bangalore Metro finishing tunneling construction. Phase 1 of Bangalore Metro is divided into […]


Characteristics of Soft Soil Foundation

1. Because of many and big interstices in soft soil, and plenty water content in it, soft soil can be compressed easily. So soft soil has feature of strong compressibility. And quite bigger uneven settlements appear easily in soft soil foundation. 2. Under external pressure […]

Zhengzhou-Xuzhou High-speed Railway Opens

Zhengzhou-Xuzhou High-speed Railway Opens

A new train line that makes cross-country trips faster has opened just in time for the end of the Mid-Autumn festival. The new high-speed train links Zhengzhou in central China’s Henan Province with Xuzhou in the eastern Jiangsu Province. The 360-kilometer line has nine stations. […]

Koralm High-Speed Railway

Koralm High-Speed Railway

The Koralm high-speed rail project is currently underway in south-east Austria. It is part of the 2,400km trans-European Baltic-Adriatic Corridor that stretches from Gdansk and Gdynia on the northern coast of Poland to Bologna and Ravenna in northern Italy via Warsaw and Vienna, linking the […]

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