Coulomb X Series

1. High performance SDA system: The elongation can reach to more than 15% and the impact resistance can reach to 39J at -20 ℃
2. Stainless SDA system: The materials adopt 316L or 304 stainless steel with good anti corrosion performance and high strength
3. Superstrength SDA system: It has very high strength, S355 or 28Mn6 material is adopted

R32 SDA Bolt is a kind of self drilling hollow anchor bolt. It consists of hollow anchor bar, drill bit, coupling, packer, plate and nut. It combines grouting and drilling together and adapts several construction situation and different geological conditions.

1. Instead of the traditional mortar anchor bolt, it used for radial reinforcement.
2. It can be used to reinforce unstable slope.
3. The foundation reinforcement of construction.

1. It can solve defects that unfilled grouting of traditional mortar anchor bolt during the construction and can’t grouting with pressure.
2. The operation is simple, cost is low, construction is convenient and efficiency is clear.
3. It can realize grouting with pressure and reform foundation surrounding rock conditions.

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