Changhai Lu


Changhai Lu, one common staff of Production Department in Sinorock. It has been 3 years since he worked in Sinorock. As for work, he is responsible; and as for colleagues, he is enthusiastic and patient. His behaviors are exactly the confirmation of team spirit.

His job is as common as most people’s, but he thinks the most important ideology is to do the best of our own job. As for him, the daily job is to produce self drilling anchor bars. Hot rolling technology needs patience and circumspection, so focusing on own job is important. It is also the manifestation of duty and responsibility.

He thinks colleagues are important to in his spare time. During a day, they contact with each other most, so he thinks they are the best friends comparing to colleagues. Work takes up most time in a day, so getting along with colleagues is also a branch of knowledge. At the break, they often chat, play games and the relationship is harmonious.

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