Haitao Si


Haitao Si is an ordinary operator of Production Department in Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd. Although common, he tries his best in his position and struggles for the benefit of Sinorock®.

Every staff deserves admiration and respect, and everyone has advantages we can learn from.

He joined Sinorock® in March, 2014. His main work is to process and manufacture coupling, one accessory of self drilling anchor bolt system, ensuring that each product meets with quality standard and customers’ demand.

He thinks that production work is the most direct relation with products. It’s also related to cost, quality and delivery date. It even influences customers’ impression of our company. So, production work requires us to process products according to international standard and code. And we must be careful and earnest.

I will follow Sinorock®’s strategy and adjust himself all the time, challenge himself and realize his value of life; in life, he wants to be a positive and optimistic person to help people and things around me.

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