Mr. Xu

Mr Xu

Mr. Xu, the co-founder of Sinorock®, the leader of research & development team, senior geotechnical engineer. He is member of China Civil Engineering Society, Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, China Geotechnical Anchoring Engineering Society, China Highway and Transportation Society. Xu has worked in anchoring industry for more than 10 years.

The year of 2012 was the first year that we carried out foreign trade business, it was also the first step for Sinorock® to enter international market. After effort of all staffs, Sinorock® got great progress in 2013. Although global economy slowed down in 2014, sales revenue in Sinorock® was not bad and in 2015, we kept stable.

Reviewing the past few years, Sinorock® has not only increased sales revenue, but also the region covered international market.

Facing to a new year and a new start, we will summarize loss and gain, recognize global industry, market and clients, reenact goal of development, perfect mechanism, procedure, standard and company culture. Sinorock® promises to take customers’ benefit as the highest standard, provide best products and superior service.

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