Mu Zhengfei


Zhengfei Mu, the main character of our interview today, is a quality inspector of products in Quality Department of Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd. Through three-month Quality Month Activity in Sinorock®, our company has made great success and quality department has left us deep impression.

He joined Sinorock® in April, 2015. Although he came here less than two years, he thinks that he has learned a lot. He firmly believes that once you do a thing, you have obligation to do it well.

He is responsible for inspecting raw materials before they enter our factory. It is the first link of our production and the quality control is quite important, so he often communicates with suppliers to control inner quality standard. As a member of Quality Department, he should put quality at the first place, decrease quality cost and create benefit for our company.

What he is going to do is to control products’ quality of every production link, ensure that our products are zero-defect and 100 percent qualified to be delivered to customers.

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